Infant Massage

Learn About the Benefits of Massaging your baby...

♥  helps foster love, compassion and respect for your baby

♥  enhances neurological development

♥  improves circulation increasing the oxygen and nutrients that flow to your baby's entire body

♥  increases your baby's sensory awareness

♥  improves her digestion

♥  helps your baby sleep better

♥  relieves the discomfort associated with teething, pain, congestion, gas & colic.

♥  helps balance her hormones

♥  increases bonding with your baby through nurturing touch

♥  promotes physical and psychological development

♥  develops a bond between you and your baby that will last a lifetime.

"May I massage you?" 

Now, every time Jamie's mother or father ask permission to massage her, she straigtens out her arms and legs in anticipation. 

Every massage session starts with asking your baby's permission to massage her. This shows respect for your baby as a person.

Resting your hands on the part of your baby's body you want to massage helps prepare them for the massage.


Jamie Loves Her Massage

Jamie loves her daily massage.

Hippocrates, regarded as the father of modern medicine, said in the 4th century BC,
"The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day." 
Check out Debbie's review of Lise Eliot's book on child brain development.

Mothers and babies enjoying infant massage class.

Our infant massage course consists of 5 classes, the number of classes recommended by Infant Massage USA. We find that mothers and babies benefit more from attending at least 4 out of 5 classes. You will also form friendships with the other mothers and babies in the class.
• Learn the critical importance of respectful touch & tactile stimulation.
• Practice the strokes of infant massage on your baby, while we demonstrate on our dolls. Only you massage your baby, not us.
• Practice massage strokes in class so you can massage your baby at home.
• Learn ways to adapt the massage strokes for your special needs child.
• Learn to communicate better with your child which empowers you as a parent.
• Learn relaxation techniques and how to help your baby to relax.
• Learn to incorporate music both through listening and through learning lullabies to sing with your baby as you massage him.

Mother and Baby loving each other
Mother and Baby relaxing after infant massage class


Debbie Page, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, USA

Debbie has been a Registered Nurse for 33 years and a board certified lactation consultant since 1998. Her belief in a holistic approach to healthy maternity and mothering led her to become an Infant Massage Therapist in 2007.
Debbie has been working with mothers and babies and their families since 1975, except for a period of 11 years in which she took off to enjoy and nurture her three children. She then returned to work gradually until the youngest child turned 15. She has devoted the last 5 years to serving breastfeeding mothers and babies in the community throughout central Massachusetts.

Debbie has a passion for promoting love and closeness in the family. She knows that most families today need to learn how to nurture themselves and their children. Touch is vital to all relationships. Therefore she implores mothers and fathers to provide as much time skin to skin with their new born babies as possible. She is a passionate advocate of Kangaroo Mother Care, which promotes exclusive breastfeeding, skin to skin contact and support to the mother and baby.
Her unique style nurtures mothers as they are getting to know and nurture their babies. Her belief that the mother must first be nurtured led her to become a co-founder of Mothers and Company, a central and metro west Massachusetts company that provides classes, groups and essentials for Maternity and Parenting.