Do Lactation Consultants Charge For Their Services?

The answer to this question is yes.

  • Lactation consultants are healthcare professionals who must maintain a certain level of training and expertise. This requires them to continually participate in continuing education experiences, purchase the most up-to-date professional texts, purchase malpractice insurance, renew their certification at least every 5 years and re-certify by examination every 10 years.
  • Many lactation consultants are self-employed or in private practice. Lactation consultants in private practice are more readily available. Having a private practice also means they are able to practice without constraints. Spending 2 hours with a mother and baby in a physician's office is unheard of; most physician offices are limited to 7-15 minutes per client. 
  • Lactation Consultants must charge for their services in order to continue providing services. The problem is that oftentimes insurance companies do not support breastfeeding and therefore do not cover the services of a lactation consultant. Every mother that writes a letter to her insurance company and to the Insurance Commissioner of her state increases the chances that she and other mothers will start receiving lactation care as put of their health insurance benefits.
  • Lactation Consultant fees vary, but the average rate in the United States is between $125-$150 an hour. This typically includes follow-up telephone and/or email support at no extra charge.
  • Our consultation charges are determined by the customary insurance reimbursement in our area.
  • Some lactation consultants provide home visits while others can only see you in their offices. Most lactation consultants in private practice maintain hours during the evening, on weekends and on holidays.

At The New Born Baby, we offer premium and professional services. We are continually learning as new studies disclose more information about breastmilk, breastfeeding and infants.

Do Health Insurance Policies Cover a Lactation Consultant's Services?

It all depends on your insurance provider and your individual policy.

  • Lactation consultants can provide you with insurance codes to submit to your insurance company. These specific codes for services and breastpumps will make it more likely that your claim will be approved.
  • It is always to your benefit to obtain a physician's letter or prescription for lactation consultant services and/or breastfeeding equipment. Submit this with your claim.
  • At The New Born Baby we provide you with a statement with the insurance codes for you to submit.