When Do Breasts Start Producing Colostrum or Milk?

Your body will start making milk around the 16th week of pregnancy. This milk, called colostrum, is the first milk your body makes. Many people do not realize that colostrum is milk. It is thicker than mature milk and has a yellow appearance due to an abundance of beta carotene-think carrots. As your milk matures it becomes more watery and whitish or bluish in appearance.

Colostrum is your baby's first and extremely important immunization. All mammals need their mother's colostrum. My son Daniel works at Crystal Brook Farm, with Ann and Eric Starbard. She has a herd of about 60 goats that she milks. She makes cheeses from the milk. She lets the kids nurse to get the colostrum, then switches them to bottle feeding with fresh goat milk. Ask any dairy farmer about the necessity of colostrum. They would not consider witholding colostrum from their 'babies'. Ironic that dairy farmers feed fresh milk instead of cow milk formula to their calves and kids. One year Ann decided to use goat milk formula for her kids after they received their mother's colostrum. She was shocked and dismayed to see that these kids did not thrive as well as the kids receiving fresh goat milk. She decided never to so that again.