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Do Hospitals Discourage Breastfeeding?


giving supplements in hospital decreases breastfeeding

According to a recent study that analyzed 1,573 mothers that gave birth to a single child in 2005, hospital practices greatly impact a mother's ability to reach her breastfeeding goals.

Of the 70 percent first time mothers that intended to exclusively breastfeed, only 50 percent were in fact doing so at one week after delivery. One of the reasons? Supplementation with formula or water.

Among the first-time mothers, if they were not offered formula or water supplements for their babies, they were 4.4 times more likely to breastfeed exclusively. Mothers that had previously given birth were 8.8 times more likely to reach their breastfeeding goal.

Hospitals that follow steps to support breastfeeding, such as the 10 steps put forth by The Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, have a greater success in helping mothers breastfeed exclusively. Even practicing six of these steps meant that a first-time mom was six times more likely to fulfill her breastfeeding intentions.

Study author Eugene Declercq and his co-workers asked, "Why are those hospital practices that have been repeatedly shown to increase breastfeeding among new mothers not more consistently instituted in United States hospitals?" A large proportion of mothers stop exclusive breastfeeding within the first week, and that action was strongly related to hospital practices."

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Do You Want to Breastfeed with Confidence and Joy?  


Breastfeeding Support


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I had to tell the hospital to keep the "gift packs" they wanted to send home with me. It was just a big bag full of formula.  
Sending that home with new moms sends out the message that they, the medical professionals, "approve" of and "promote" the use of the formula. 

posted @ Monday, March 23, 2009 9:08 AM by Melanie Flores

The formula companies seem to have everyone in their back pocket. Between the hospitals and pediatrician offices, you are bombarded with free formula as a new mom. The hospitals and doctors need to spend more time encouraging new mothers to breastfeed, explaining the many rewards, and less time handing out bags of discouragement.

posted @ Monday, March 23, 2009 10:30 AM by Jill

It is amazing how many bottles of formula go home with new parents. When I am with a new family, most of the time the new mom only needs encouragement and support to be a successful breastfeeding mom. I feel that the bottles of formula in the home make it easy to give up nursing. I encourage my new moms to call me with questions if I am not there. So far it has worked;even my moms with multiples have breastfeed successfully.

posted @ Monday, March 23, 2009 11:10 AM by Sharon

Melanie, Jill and Sharon, thanks for your comments. I totally agree with you. The movement away from formula is going to have to come from the mothers themselves as they become more and more informed and empowered.

posted @ Monday, March 23, 2009 1:56 PM by Debbie Page

The hospital tried to get me to supplement with formula because my baby had lost some of her birth weight. When my baby was born, she weighed 7lb. 8oz. She lost about 6oz. by the following day. The doctors mentioned it and mentioned supplementing at that point. The third day I was in the hospital the doctor came in mentioned her weight loss again, stressed how concerned he was, mention supplementing again! He even said "if she doesn't start gaining her weight back within 2 days", he wanted me to supplement. I've heard many of the same stories from co-workers and friends who gave up breastfeeding. Lucky for me I had two other children a decade earlier when breastfeeding was more encouraged. I asked the doctor on this third day what my daughter's weight was. It was exactly the same that it was the day before! HA HA I told that doctor to leave my room. I knew my daughter would have some weight loss, I also knew once my milk came in and she started to get the fat from my milk along with the anitbodies and nutrients she would gain her weight back in no time. By her 1 month check up, she weighed 9lb. 3oz.! My daughter is almost 6 mo. old. I am still breastfeeding, she has never had formula.

posted @ Friday, April 17, 2009 8:04 AM by Dorothea

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