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Your New Born Baby: Getting Out When The Days Get Tough


In pregnancy, we dream of our angelic new born baby. We dream of whose eyes, whose nose, whose temperment. We dreamily await the birth of our precious baby growing steadily inside of us. And at the end of pregnancy, we even try things to speed up the process.

breastfeeding support group, Bistro Babies

And then the event, labor. What's "hard" takes on a whole new meaning, yet it's with great joy we bring our baby into this world. And the baby comes out all pink and perfect, and of course we know it's because we took all of our prescribed pre-natals.

And this blessed baby just sleeps and sleeps. My eyes, your nose, your ability to sleep through everything. We did it. I have arrived. Wow. It's amazing!

Meals are brought in to my room here three times a day, and I get to pick what I want. People are coming to see us, and we are feeling more love than ever imaginable.

Until we are home and it's about three weeks later. And everyone went back to work, except me. And the baby "wakes" up. That "after birth sleep" seems to have worn off like old paint. And my once sleeping baby now is awake a lot, and I can't seem to get any sleep myself! I can't even get into the bathroom. The baby needs me and I'm not sure what day it even is. Or is it even still February? And meals? What's a meal? Oh wait, the baby just smiled at me, I feel better now.

Oh the days of newborns. The ever- turning tide of emotion. And thankfully it does get easier. Or there would only be "only" children everywhere. Knowing that, and giving to yourself, no matter how hard it is, really is key. A favorite candy bar while nursing. Why not? 

breastfeeding and chocolate

  • Spending time with other moms often is also key. 
  • You need to realize that the ups and downs are a normal part of this journey. 
  • And no one has it perfect. 
  • You need to get out of the house. You need to have some fun with people who understand. 
  • And seeing other babies will help you to appreciate yours all the more. And yours is cuter anyway.

If this is you, look around. There are groups everywhere for new moms like you. Join. You'll feel much better in no time!


Nicole Glover

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I love this--it's so true. New Moms group with you, Nicole, and walks or trips to Target on rainy days are what kept me sane!
Posted @ Thursday, February 17, 2011 9:47 AM by Kate
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