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Daddy Time, What Every Baby Needs!


You know, it never gets old for me. I love the sight of a dad with his child. Whether it's a new dad holding his precious baby, or another dad spending time with his older children. Whether he is comforting them, playing with them, or taking them by his side to guide them, it's a beautiful thing. And it's what every baby and child needs!

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My man has always been very hands-on with our five.That not only helped me, it really deepened my love for him. And more so, the children grew to trust, depend on and respect him. There was no such thing as him "babysitting" his babies. It was him fathering them, as I mothered them. He diapered, fed, bathed, and played with them all. Bubbles, coloring, airplane rides through the house, just about whatever made them laugh. And every one of them has a special relationship with him.

How can moms encourage this in their men? Well, let him do his own thing with them. It's so easy to feel the need to correct, dictate, and teach them how to do it our way. But then, it's really just an extension of our relationship, isn't it? It's learning Moms, to let go. Let him bathe the baby. Or diaper them. And play with them.  Let him take over now and then to give you a much needed break. You know you need it! Besides, men are great baby- soothers. Babies love the deep voice and warm chest of their dad to lay their head. And make sure he knows how much it means to you and the baby. He's much more inclined to be involved if he feels you trust him to be. And then, the whole family wins!


Nicole Glover

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