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Breastfeeding Requires Mastering Skills - Who will help you?

Breastfeeding problems must be fixed quickly,
before it's too late.

- How do I know if my baby is feeding well?
- How do I resolve nipple pain?
- Why don't I have enough milk?
- Why aren't I getting enough sleep?
- Why is my baby falling asleep at the breast?

The challenges associated with breastfeeding can be exhausting, painful and scary. Where do you turn for help? How soon do you call? If you have two feedings, not two days, that worry you, call us.

You need more than just a thorough Google search to remedy these problems. The answers to these questions require live ongoing support seven days a week from a lactation consultant: something that one simply can’t find through a forum or a blog or a support group. Information can only go so far.

You deserve the luxury of having your own lactation consultant guiding you during this difficult and trying time in your life:

  • a lactation consultant that can spend two unrushed hours getting to know you and your baby.
  • a lactation consultant that will listen to your story.
  • a lactation consultant who has the skills, knowledge and expertise to give you answers and solve your problems.
  • a lactation consultant that is constanly learning the latest evidence-based breastfeeding info.
  • a lactation consultant who cares what happens after the consultation.

Either before or during your pregnancy, you made a commitment to yourself that you would breastfeed your child. With this type of choice comes a multitude of skills you must develop as well as challenges that can arise. You need answers but you’re not sure who you can turn to or ask for advice. You need a lactation consultant.--Is it worth having a lactation consultant?

Guidance and a Helping Hand Are Waiting For You

Some mothers find the help in the hospitals to not be helpful at all. This is likely due to the time restraints and how overworked the nurses and the hospital lactation consultants are. Essential breastfeeding help is needed once you leave the hospital and over the phone help or support group help during the first few weeks is simply not appropriate. You need face to face help with a clam, understanding, highly skilled lactation consultant.

Our Lactation Consultants can help coach you through challenging situations so that you come out with greater confidence about your choice to breastfeed. For mothers, this a chance to join the Connection Age – relying on a certified lactation consultants for your answers rather than just information and support groups.

Through the contents of this website or a one-on-one Lactation Consultation, my mission is to help you move from confusion to enlightenment about breastfeeding. You will find plenty of articles to answer some of your basic breastfeeding questions. Make sure to also read about how you can get involved in a breastfeeding community such as Mothers and Company so you can get support from other mothers that understand the challenges you are faced with. However, don't rely on a support group to fix your problems: you need a lactation consultant that has years of experience solving breastfeeding problems with moms and babies after they leave the hospital.

Our staff of seasoned lactation consultants can help you through any challenges you might be currently experiencing. Contact us today so we can help you on the path to joyful breastfeeding and baby bonding.

Our Information Age has put a limitation on the connection that is needed to help you enjoy the breastfeeding process to the fullest. Consider the following scenarios:

- How do you know if your baby is feeding well?
- How do you resolve your nipple pain?
- Why you don't have enough milk?

One Mother's Story

There's not a single day I don't thank myself for pushing through all of that adversity.  I am filled with gratitude to myself, my husband, and to Debbie, for helping me make this a reality.

And every time I feed my little boy, I am grateful for the private beauty that only he and I share as I feed him.  He is four months old now, and we're at a point where as he feeds, he looks up at me and smiles with a mouth full of boobie.  He loves it as much as I do. 

I love breastfeeding, even after all the pain and misery I went through.  It was more worth it than I could have imagined at the time.   

I hope my story gives you hope that you can get through this, and that there is a wonderful, brilliant light at the end of the tunnel. 

-I & C
September, 2010

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